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Qualification Based Selection is an objective and fair process used by owners to select a design professional based on the qualifications of the designer in relation to the specific project.  This process is used for nearly all Federal projects, and public improvement and public school projects administered by the Maine Bureau of General Services.  This process is also recommended by the American Bar Association in their "Model Procurement Code for State and Local Government". 

Planning and design are the first steps in any construction project. The cost of these first steps is small in comparison to the construction cost and even much smaller when compared to the life-cycle cost of the project. (The federal government estimates the original design service costs amount to 1% or less of the project's life-cycle cost.) It makes excellent economic sense to obtain the best qualified designer as this will have long-term economic benefits.  These economic benefits far exceed any possible difference in the cost of the original design.

Although the QBS Program was initially developed and promoted for the selection of "Design Professionals", the basic concepts of QBS can be applied to a variety of professional services where "Qualifications" is the primary criteria in the selection of the firm or person to perform a professional service.

Facilitator Services

The Maine QBS Council will provide FREE Facilitator Services to assist public agencies or other Owner Groups in developing a process for selecting a competent and qualified design professional for individual projects.  The Facilitator will help the "Selection Team" in understanding the benefits of the QBS process and how to apply it to a specific project The Facilitator does not make any recommendations of specific designers or design firms.

The Facilitator is also available to make presentations on the QBS Process to organizations, Boards or other groups interested in the understanding of Qualifications Based Selection or the use of QBS on a specific project.

The current Facilitator has many years experience in the use of the QBS Process in the selection of design professionals for publicly financed projects.


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The Maine QBS Council


The Maine QBS Council is a non-profit organization created in 1993 as a part of a National Program.  The organization is sponsored by the AIA Maine , the American Council of Engineering Companies of Maine , and the Maine Society of Professional Engineers. Each of these three organizations appoints two of its members to serve as the Board of Directors of the QBS Council. 

The purpose of the Council is to increase awareness, understanding, voluntary use and support of Qualification Based Selection of design services by local municipalities, state government agencies and other public bodies through an on-going educational process.  The QBS Council does not recommend design firms, it only recommends a process to be used in the selection of design firms. 

The QBS Council meets at least four times during the year (a minimum of once each quarter).  During these meeting, the Board handles any items submitted to the Council for action, hears reports and sets direction for future activities. A quorum at a meeting requires at least one member of each sponsoring organization. 

The Council retains the services of a part-time, independent Facilitator.  The Facilitator is responsible for handling the routine activities of the Council, implementing the Council's Action Plan, andproviding educational services to users or potential users of the QBS Process.  The services of the Facilitator are available to owners, both public and private, free-of -charge.  The cost of these services is paid by the QBS Council.


American Institute of Architects - Maine


Mike Pullen

  • Mike Pullen, AIA- Council Co-chair
    Ames Associates, LLC
    128 Broadway
    Bangor,ME 04401

Carla Haskell

  • Carla Haskell, AIA, LEED, Council Co-chair
    DGC Architects, LLC
    40 Church Street, Studio A
    Ellsworth, ME 04605

American Consulting Engineers Council of Maine


Travis Noyes

  • Travis Noyes, PE
    CES, Inc.
    465 Main Street
    Brewer, ME 04412

Randy Bragg

  • Randy Bragg, PE- Council Treasurer
    Carpenter Associates
    687 Stillwater Avenue
    Old Town, ME 04468

Maine Society of Professional Engineers


Daniel Wells, PE

  • Daniel Wells, PE
    Winthrop Utilities District
    PO Box 282
    Winthrop, ME 04364

Colin Hewett, PE

  • Hewett & Whitney Engineers
    161 main Street, Suite 2A
    PO Box 318
    Winthrop, ME 04364






William R. Charland, CCCA

  • 22 Little John Lane
    Brewer, ME 04412